Full-serviceĀ  digitizationĀ  fromĀ  fiveĀ  labsĀ 

Together with you, we plan, design and program your digital product. Our team consists of specialists with the most diverse areas of expertise. We organize them in our labs.
IoT Lab

Where the screen ends, our Internet-of-Things experts begin. They manage to bring your idea effortlessly into the real world via sensor technology and thus reach your customers even faster: through direct interaction. Fewer clicks, more business.

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Revenue Lab

Our marketing team knows where your business will ultimately find its potential customers. It identifies target groups and places your message in the appropriate channels. Through our tracking, we can tell you what went well - and what didn't.

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Design Lab

Our UX/UI team designs websites, apps or other interfaces that are not only beautiful, but can also do something. Design as a solution instead of just embellishing content! That is what our team is committed to.

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Development Lab

We develop scalable, 100% custom software solutions, native cloud applications (NCAs) and much more. With this, we help you and your company to go full throttle and at the same time remain secure and expandable at any time.

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Team Care Lab

Team Care has made personal development a key factor in the success of our employees. Our goal is for our employees to learn new skills and take responsibility to take on new tasks and pursue their passion.

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What do you mean by ā€œlabsā€?

Where innovation happens, experimentation must be celebrated. That's how we work. Our teams aren't afraid to take unknown paths and try things out until the solution is perfect. Like researchers in the lab, we leave nothing to chance. We know our methods, have the best tools and work hand in hand with our experienced colleagues. And: We know that behind every project there is a budget. That's why we work strategically, goal-oriented and results-driven.


Our customers are corporations and medium-sized companies that work with us as strategic partners over the long term. In the process, we transform our customers' expertise into digital products in two to four week sprints using agile sprint methods. Depending on the requirements, our team takes over only certain subtasks up to the complete management of a project. For long-term joint goals, the establishment and management of a joint venture is also an option.
2-4 week sprints
agile method
Christian Wenzel

What digital idea do you want to get rolling with us?

Send us a short description of your ideas or project. We would also be happy to get to know each other directly in a free initial meeting. We look forward to it!
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