Hi! 👋🏼 We are Venture Labs

Our employees are spread across the globe in 6 time zones and work 100% remotely. Our team consists of a wide range of experts from various fields. This includes our focus areas of Marketing, Design, IoT and Development, after which our Labs are named.

Digital by default

Digitization is part of our DNA. Processes and ways of thinking that we apply in our projects are also lived internally. Our employees are spread across 6 time zones around the globe and work 100% remotely. The structures at Venture Labs are so flexible that we play to all our strengths where they work best. Just as we iteratively search for the perfect solution for digital products, we never stand still ourselves and are always expanding our skills.

9 countries
34 Focus topics
24 customers

100% remote - and still a team?

Yes, that works. Very important for the cohesion are our values (besides all the off-topic team calls and virtual after work beers ...)

6 time zones
100% remote

But we also value ourselves as listeners, tea lovers, beatbox gurus, unicyclists and micronesia specialists. Eyes open for the good and special in people. Trust is elementary in our way of working. It comes from openness, independent work, a pull mentality and honest feedback. Quality The perfect end product requires the knowledge of what perfect means. Sometimes it is an MVP, sometimes it is a solution worked out to the last detail, sometimes it is "good enough" that is iteratively developed further. We always examine quality in the overall context.

30 Employees
30 customers around the world

Our founding spirit: When nothing else works, things really get going

Nothing will stop us in a hurry, not a global pandemic nor the pitfalls of everyday life. Christian Wenzel founded Venture Labs in August 2020, primarily out of a sense of responsibility to his current team members. Many of them were freelancers in the previous startup - a travel platform. Not the best business model in pandemic times. The team needed new perspectives. What was once a rescue operation has now become a company that is networked beyond Germany's borders and offers us all an open, exciting working environment

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You can still see our founding spirit in our work: Problems are a starting signal for new, great solutions.

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