We  build  digital  solutions  for  your  business. 

With 100% individually developed products, we digitize companies and give innovators a tailwind.
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Are you facing a business problem or want to bring your digital idea to market as soon as possible? Whether it's an app, SaaS, web application or IoT: We build exactly the digital product that fits your requirements. We don't just develop your app: We accompany you and your digital product through all phases, from concept, to design, to development, and ultimately to market launch. For us, this is all part of a digital solution - and that's why we have our 5 Labs.

We  are  a 
but  also  a 
classic  service  provider. 
Why?  We  want  to  use  our  skills  in  the  best  possible  way. 

In the development of digital products we combine our know-how and pull together the required services in a new company. In order to optimally use all services in a complex setup, we develop the appropriate company including sales, recruiting and team.
Service provider
We offer all our services as a service provider. For example, we design and program websites, improve the user experience of apps or develop IoT devices. If you need any of these, you can simply ask us for any of our services.

What does it look like when it's done?

Our projects span across all industries. Our customers include start-ups as well as large corporations. It is especially exciting when we are our own customers.

During  the  agile  work  process,  we  are  actively  involved  from  design  to  market  launch  and  take  on  project  management  as  well  as  leadership  where  required.  Thinking  for  ourselves  and  personal  responsibility  are  our  basis. 

First look at where the shoe pinches and write it down. And ask "Why?" probably more than once.
Set up a plan, and define the direction together. Build a first prototype to test it on the target group. Gather insights, and refine the idea.
What can the solution look like? Colors, shapes, fonts are put over the framework. Test a lot and if it fits go on. Otherwise again.
Let's show it to someone. Does anyone outside my head understand? If not, please go back to start.
Everything works? Everyone understands? And it looks dazzling? Then it will be built. Now the real thing comes into being. Joy!
Even when it's finished, it's not finished. Better is always possible. Control, bugfixing, new findings. Everything flows in. Let's move on.

Highly  specialized  and  working  together  -  from  idea  to  implementation 

Venture Labs helps you  digitize your company  - whether it's a matter of concrete  business solutions  or saying goodbye to analog business processes. You get the expert knowledge including all the necessary tools to implement your project. Our focus is on excellent elaboration, but also on the big picture, i.e. image, implementation and marketing, always in line with your company and goals. 

You get expert knowledge including all the necessary tools to realize your project.Our focus is on excellent elaboration, but also on the big picture, i.e.image, implementation and marketing, in line with your company and goals at any time.

With us, you don't just get someone who professionally implements solutions, but a complete team that believes in your projects.
Why we work differently than others - and why it works so well?

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